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The purpose of this blog is for this Catholic Priest to offer some modern day refutation for the never-ending mis-information that society spouts forth proclaiming its own gospel of inaccuracy and error. My point is that most of the mis-understand can be cleared up with a little bit of common sense, reason and the insight of Faith! Faith is a free gift of God - and not everyone wants nor accepts it. This is the rub. But for those who do - things become clear rather quickly - and direction and aim in life is fortified and strengthened! May God bless all who visit this blog - and my the Holy Spirit open the minds and hearts of those who seek to know God better!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Sep 26 - Daily Homily

+ Nothing is really known of the lives of Sts Cosmas and Damian, (who died around the year 303) except that they suffered martyrdom in Syria during the persecution of the Emperor Diocletian.

A church built on the site of their burial place was enlarged by the emperor Justinian. Devotion to the two saints spread rapidly in both East and West. A famous basilica was built in their honor in Constantinople. Their names were placed in the canon of the Mass (Eucharistic Prayer I), probably in the sixth century: this is place of honor given only to the most exemplary and noteworthy saints.

There is legend that says that they were twin brothers born in Arabia, who became skilled doctors. They were among those who are venerated in the East as the “moneyless ones” because they did not charge a fee for their services. Of course, it was impossible that such prominent persons would escape unnoticed in time of persecution: so they were arrested and beheaded.

Oh, and, nine centuries later, if we recall, Francis of Assisi rebuilt the dilapidated San Damiano (St. Damian) chapel outside Assisi.

The healing power that goes out from both apostles and physicians is proof positive of the breaking into history of the reign of God. May we open ourselves to this restorative power as God wishes to bestow it upon us.

It is evident from our readings today that God is very much present to those who are persecuted for his sake, and even the tortures of martyrdom are no match for the loving embrace of an almighty, loving and merciful God. We rejoice today to know that all of our tears of suffering and endurance, and those we encounter as we try to help others in Christ’s name, will be rewarded with a never failing crown of glory, and a choice spot in the heavenly kingdom!

Those who sow in tears shall reap rejoicing!