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The purpose of this blog is for this Catholic Priest to offer some modern day refutation for the never-ending mis-information that society spouts forth proclaiming its own gospel of inaccuracy and error. My point is that most of the mis-understand can be cleared up with a little bit of common sense, reason and the insight of Faith! Faith is a free gift of God - and not everyone wants nor accepts it. This is the rub. But for those who do - things become clear rather quickly - and direction and aim in life is fortified and strengthened! May God bless all who visit this blog - and my the Holy Spirit open the minds and hearts of those who seek to know God better!

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Aug 25 - Daily Homily

+ Our readings today correspond with one another in a subtle sense:  in the first reading St. Paul writes to the Corinthians reaffirming the great spiritual gifts that they have received for accepting membership into the Body of Christ, the Church, telling them that they now lack no spiritual gift necessary for salvation; he then encourages them to stand firm to the end, irreproachable, as they wait for the Day of the Lord;

the gospel passage speaks of attentiveness and remaining vigilant for that coming day of the Lord – of which no one knows the exact day nor hour; therefore live like it could be at any time at all, then your house will be in order when at last he does come – and you will escape punishment; and there will be punishment for those who – having been given countless opportunities at being consummately ready – are not thus prepared: the wailing and grinding of teeth will be real, though in a spiritually corporeal sense.

May we today live like God is a very welcome and happy part of our lives, or actually the other way around, we ought to live like we are a grateful and joyful part of his life – then we will be ready whenever the final moment arrives and we will welcome it with peace and saintly resignation!

Stay awake! For you do not know when the Son of Man will come.