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The purpose of this blog is for this Catholic Priest to offer some modern day refutation for the never-ending mis-information that society spouts forth proclaiming its own gospel of inaccuracy and error. My point is that most of the mis-understand can be cleared up with a little bit of common sense, reason and the insight of Faith! Faith is a free gift of God - and not everyone wants nor accepts it. This is the rub. But for those who do - things become clear rather quickly - and direction and aim in life is fortified and strengthened! May God bless all who visit this blog - and my the Holy Spirit open the minds and hearts of those who seek to know God better!

Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24 - Weekday in Ordinary Time

+ These readings today are enormous in the simplicity of their universal scope.

Whatever is menial, puny, insignificant – this can expect to eventuate into the Kingdom of God.


Because it permits the greatness of God to make something out of littleness. (Look for example at what he did by sending his Son into the world as a tiny, little, relatively insignificant little baby boy, born in a stable with animals as his birthing-attendants).

This is called the magnificent “grace of subordination” – and this is what “makes the world go round!”

The splendor of the Church is such freely lived entrustment.

Nothing glorifies God more than for something of no consequence to rely on divine mercy to become identified with God himself.

Wow! This is huge! It means that there is HOPE for ALL OF US! relatively insignificant creatures that we are. Everything we think, say and do can be salvific is we constantly, cooperate in uniting our wills and intentions with God’s.

We may be little but we are gigantic in the sight of God when we do this: and the lowly truly are and can be exalted to the heavens.
Remember the tiniest mustard see can become a large bush where birds can come and nest.

And remember that a little yeast goes a long way in a glob of dough!

So too, we are meant to produce abundant fruits of peacemaking, healing and joy-giving especially as we are fed with its source directly at this Mass and the Holy Communion that we will consume later.

Wow! What a life, O Christian! What a partnership we have with the great God of heaven and earth. And how pleased he is when we let him use us entirely and completely! What JOY, HOPE and PEACE it produces deep within our souls!